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Environmental Badge for foreign cars

How to get a environmental badge

- Please fill out the following form (with shipping address for the environmental badges)
- Send us the registration document(s) via e-mail (, Fax (+49 211 - 59 21 77) or postal address (on the bottom of the page). Dont forget to refer to your order.
- The costs are 12 Euros apiece for the Umweltplakette (environmental badge) shipping inclusive!
- When the money arrives at our bankaccount we will send immediately the environmental badge(s) to you!
- You get our bankaccountdetails after the order.

Things we need to know about the vehicle(s)

- Day of first registration of the vehicle(s)
- What type of gas it gets up (diesel or fuel)
- Is it a passenger car or a truck
- Who is the manufacturer of it?
- License number(s)

Order a environmental badge

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Shipping Address
Zip / Postal Code
Type of gas (fuel, diesel)
Telephone Number
Please fill in the licence plate(s) of the vehicle(s)

License Number(s)
Type here for each vehicle the "first registration date" in

Day of first registration of the vehicle(s) - DD.MM.YYYY

If you want to send us the registration documents via post please to the following address:

KFZ Meisterbetrieb Manakos
Schiess - Str. 30
40549 Düsseldorf